Sunday, June 24, 2012


This was posted on Jan 7, 2010

~ depressed ~
being d youngest daughter in my family does give me many advantages.. but when it comes to my wedding, i feel like i'm neglected by my siblings.. **i'm disappointed.. really2..**

~ trying to hold on.. ~
i hav about 2 more weeks before my big day.. tp preparation mcm xmjadi sgt.. everything seems to b really challenging.. mule2 nk sewa bju sanding, but then my parents won't let me wear sumtin yg dedah2 n cekci2 sgt, n i couldn't find a bju yg menepati citarasa aku.. the final decision is dat: buy d ken.. tgh ari td g jakel, bli ken.. sok nta tailor.. mcm katun pn de gk.. hehe.. aku rse aku la bakal pengantin yg paling sempoi.. entah la.. aku pn cm kdg2 rse risau, n kdg2 rse cm nk bg je bnde ni jlan.. klu ok, Alhamdulillah.. but i can't.. dok t'ingat je.. **worried**