Sunday, July 29, 2012

[ PuraKiki ]

last week i bought two purakiki bottles for my lil aqim.. sbenarnye sy memang dh lme bhasrat utk bli purakiki/organickidz bottles utk aqim, tp slalu tertangguh.. this time, i surfed the internet, place order, made payment & that bottles arrived a day later.. i was very happy when i received the parcel the day after i made the order.. bukak2 je, i realized that die tsilap bg, i asked for the ones with teats, not sippy spout.. then i texted her, informing that die dh tsilap bg.. she asked whether i would like to change, bile pikir2 blik, nnti nk kne courier lg, i've decided to buy separate teats kt infant store, xyah anta blik kpd si pjual.. lgpon, why don't i give it a try, sy terpikir cmtu..

when i reached home, i showed the bottles to lil aqim, memang happy la die, siap dh try 2 wlaupon xde susu pn dlm tu.. when i opened the second set of bottle, silicone cap nye plak xde.. so i texted her and she said that she'll post the silicone cap to me nnti.. sy ok je, as long as she is willing to give me the cap.. sy pon g basuh ngn air suam.. biasenye sy steril botol dgn cara letak dlm boiling water, tp kali ni, sy cuci ngn air suam because according to the pamphlet inserted together with the bottle, it is said that it would be better to wash with air suam utk elakkan warna tertanggal..

nak rasmikan botol baru, sy trus buatkn susu utk aqim, tp sy xreplace sippy spout tu ngn teat, nk tngok aqim ble x mnum gne bnde tu.. he tried, tp bile nk kuakn sippy spout tu dr mulut, abih tersembur kua smpai meleleh2 atas bju.. heheh.. xreti lg la tu.. xpelah, mungkin sippy spout tu ble gune bile aqim dh besar sket..

mlmnye, sy perasan mcm ade karat dekat die nye gegelang leher botol tu.. lg satu botol okay.. mule2 ingatkn salah tngok, sy belek punye belek punye belek, sah, memang karat.. sy trus msg si pjual, informing the condition.. she replied, smbil mntak2 maaf.. she asked me to send back the bottle to her and she will post a new one for me together with the silicone cap that she forgot to include earlier.. huhu.. i am now thinking, should i ask for pengurangan bayaran since i have to pay for the postage plak.. should i, or shouldn't i?

p/s : i'll post the pics of the bottles later, InsyaAllah..


  1. pura kiki yg aqim guna masa iftar englians tu kan darl? i pnh tgk before kat FB dorg jual..comel giler lg2 purple & pink..grrrrr ;p

    1. a'a darl.. yg tu la.. yg tu yg de karat tuh.. huhu.. ni pn x courier ag, xmspat nk g bndr..